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Our Projects

All projects address the concern of children and youths and ensure that they contribute in planning and implementation of the projects.

General program needs:


Projects must identify some best practices and say how it has been shared and what lessons children and youths have learned from planning, implementing and managing projects.


 All projects must be part of the community development plan of the beneficiaries and their communities and must indirectly or directly warrant the support of effective realisation of benefits from the project.


 All projects must have an impact on the lives of men/women/boys/girls in the community. It must define the special roles of women/men/boys/girls played in the project and why them. It must bring out the concern of children and youths in particular. Implementation and management, monitoring and evaluation of project must ensure the active positive or negative participation of all stakeholders.


 Impacts of the project on the environment must be clearly identified and the project design must address environmental concern.


All projects must empower the community and beneficiaries and must show evidence that the community and beneficiaries can manage the projects and future plans to manage the project must be made.


Projects must describe the role of any institutional partners involved in one way or the other in project and what the partners did or has to do and what the sources of resources pooled for the project.

Our Programs include:

Community Information and Communication Technologies  (ICT) – The recent opportunities afforded by ICTs is infinite and has led many development organizations in other developing countries to seek to set up IT centres in developing communities to offer access to computers and the internet. Our ability to set up such ICT centres shall build local capacity to ensure sustainability.  Among the challenges in bringing ICT to Cameroon are supplying computers and internet resources to rural schools and community centers; installing and maintaining internet infrastructures; fostering the development of self-reliant learning habits in youth and community members, facilitating the acquisition of marketable IT skills for students and community members; and recruiting local and international volunteer computer specialists.

Connecting Classrooms and Communities– In the service of our desire to develop ICT capabilities, Connecting Classrooms and communities is a  programme by the Cameroon Association of Active Youths  that creates partnerships between clusters of schools in  Cameroon and others around the world. These partnerships bring an international dimension to young people’s learning, to improve their knowledge and understanding of other cultures and prepare them for life and work as global citizens.

The overall goal of the program is to bring local municipal authorities, communities, schools, professionals, groups and individuals in working actively to promote friendship cooperation, peace, sustainable development, human rights, solidarity and democracy. To enable learners acquire knowledge, attitudes, skills and values necessary for social economic and cultural development

Empowering Women and Girls through Sports Programs – Providing sport activities to girls and women gives them a chance to develop and increase their self-confidence, and sense of empowerment.  Sports programs for women helps eliminate the preconceptions boys and men have about girls and women and creates a medium where women can have greater independence in other areas of life, strengthening the position and rights of women in Cameroon.

Fostering international harmony, friendship,  cultural exchange and understanding through football–  Sports and football can help build a culture of peace and tolerance by bringing people together on common ground, crossing natural and other boundaries to promote understanding and mutual respect. Additionally, youth sports promotes international solidarity with people of different cultures, provides opportunities for the promotion, usage and acquisition of other languages, and fosters individual talents through exchange of best practices.

Peace and Conflict Resolution Program– Empowering youths as a whole through structured programs can help eradicate socio-cultural conflict, environmental abuse and structural violence.  Using sport as the common language for peace and friendship brings together youth from various communities to promote peace and justice based on spiritual, human and institutional resources. Developing good sportsmanship contributes to developing good conflict resolutions skills and can help create a federation of young peace builders, encouraging tolerance and increase awareness to people to support activities aiming at peace and non-violence.

Facilitating Movements of People and Property Support Program- The program includes the realization of civil engineering works notably the conducting of feasibility studies and the construction of bridges, organization and maintenance works, reinforcement of the capacities of committees in charge of maintenance and management of rural infrastructures.

Water for All Program. This program will ensure most communities have aces to portable water through the creation, building or the rehabilitation of village or pastoral water infrastructures such as wells, drill holes, bore holes, standpipes and others, management and installation of water sources, organization of members of water supply points and training of members of water management committees.

Community Health Outreach Program. This program will seek to improve the existing health facilities through the building of health post and centers with latrines and water supply points, the provision of furniture’s and equipments, the placement of volunteer doctors ,nurses and other health professionals to work in health institutions and institutes, linking of health institutions and professionals, the empowerment of health committees members with managerial follow up and maintenance skills, community health education and sensitization and fighting against diseases.

Improving the Income Situation of the Masses – This program will identify and set up income generating activities geared towards the creation, intensification, strengthening or diversification of agricultural activities, stock breeding and others in terms of production, marketing, transformation. it will place coherent technical packets at the disposal of producers for micro projects whose technical and economic feasibilities is guaranteed and whose adaptability to the needs and capacities have been  will verified. it reinforce the capacities of small and medium size enterprises by providing support and capacity building.

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